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Tina was 2 and a half when she went into a coma on holidays, then the seizers happened so up and down to Temple Street Hospital since. Tinas balance was never good or she couldn’t walk far she had been exhausted, so I (her mom) knew there was something wrong with her but I was told she was fine. Last March Tina was diagnosed with Alpers there is no cure for it, and she needs medical Cannabis to try stop the seizures which hopefully will give her a longer time with us as we are devastated and helpless. If we get her to Colorado as soon as we can before she really deteriorates that would be a dream – I would like to thank everyone for all there likes and shares, it means it getting out there for these poor children who we could save.

What is Alpers?

Alpers disease usually begins during early childhood, usually indicated by seizures at any age between 3 months and 5 years. It is characterized by lack of coordination of motor movement, partial paralysis, seizures, and muscle twitching. The child is unable to achieve normal muscle tone (hypotonia), yet the limbs appear to be stiff. On MRI examination an increased density of the grey matter in the brain is noted. Usually, but not always, Alpers disease is associated with liver damage.

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100% of funds raised by this site will go towards getting Tina the treatment she needs in the USA.

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How to Treat it?

There is no treatments available that will stop the progress of the disease. However, some of the symptoms can be treated in order to make the patient as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. There are drugs available to treat the frequency of the seizures, to cope with muscle spasms and joint pain, and to treat infection.

We need urgent treatment for Tina Now!

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