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This is my daughter Tina

This is my daughter Tina, she’s 16 and has special needs.

She doesn’t know she has Alpers Disease, we were told to take her home, there was no more they could do, and we are devastated. She suffers from seizures – if we could get the medical cannabis we might have her longer, so we’re hoping to take her to another country as time is running out.

A lady by the name of Ang Stack has set up a GoFundMe for us and we would really predicate all of your support for Tina as we have nothing left to do now except this medical cannabis.

It would mean so much to me and my family to keep her alive as long as we possibly can, please help us thank you all Mags.

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Lets talk

I met Mags for the second time today and we talked for a few hours about Tina, about how life changed so dramatically when Tina was diagnosed, about the fact that Alpers is a pretty much unknown disease in this country and the fact that Medical Grade Cannabis is her last ditch hope of giving Tina some peace – peace from the Seizures, from the tiredness, the ream of Pharmaceuticals she has to take every day to keep the child going.

No illness is easy to live with, and Tina’s is a progressive neurological disease but medical grade cannabis is her last hope of getting her (hopefully) an extra few years, a better quality of life and some peace.

All I am asking everyone that reads this is – if it was your family, you would go to the ends of the earth for them, am I right? Help Us Help Tina, Help Us give her a few more years to create memories with her family.

Donations are open in the AIB Bank in Tralee, on the website for PayPal or on GoFundMe.


Thank You

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